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        Keiko Matsui


Graham has been a long-time fan of composer/pianist Keiko Matsui. In 2002 Graham interviewed Keiko  just after she released her "Deep Blue" CD and used this material in a special called “From Keiko With Love” which has aired on 2CCRFM on a number of   occasions. Some of the material is still current but of course some is not up-to-date but it is included as a snapshot of this great artist in 2002.

Introduction 1:41

Growing up in Japan  2:32

Writing a movie score  0:56

Charitable works and the environment  2:35

Musical Influences and first US album  3:37

Composing and naming tracks  3:51

Doing the arrangements  1:10

Other artists Keiko has worked with  4:11

The Deep Blue CD  2:45

Future album and touring  3:33





Vocalist Basia - her early musical influences 0:55


Sting talks about his friend Chris Botti and his trumpet playing 0:39

   Chris Botti

Trumpeter Chris Botti travelled the world with Sting on their World Tour. Chris took time out while in Sydney to visit the studios of 2CCRFM. Here Chris talks of touring with Sting, writing whilst in Sydney, jetting around with Sting, his love of chess, and Sydney after the 2000 Olympics.

Touring with Sting

More on touring with Sting

The impact of the tour on Chris

Writing whilst in Sydney

Writing quickly, Jeff Golub and Warren Hill

Recording jazz whilst unprepared


After Sting, getting back to smooth jazz

Jetting around with Sting

Chess lessons in Sydney and playing with Sting

Playing chess with grand master Gary Kasparov

Sydney after the Olympics


Shakatak burst onto the English jazz fusion scene in 1980 and have been performing and recording since that time with about 50 albums and numerous singles to their credit. Graham caught up wth Jill Saward, the voice of Shakatak, when she spoke of her early days performing, the formation of the group and some memorable concerts.

Early days in the music business

The all girl groups

The birth of Shakatak

Early success and touring

German Reunification concert and tour of South Africa

Singing with Al Jarreau and motherhood

Japan, the United States and a whoops moment

"Must Have" CDs and musical instruments

House in Sardinia, new CD and farewell


Jonathan Butler is an international vocalist/guitarist. He spoke to Graham Johnson about his early life, his family, his music and his upcoming Australian tour.

Listen to the interview here.

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