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Between 2011 and 2016 we provided an internet smooth jazz radio station combining well known artists with up- and- coming ones. It broadcast live 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.This came to an end when the previous copyright agreement between the various parties ended. Smaller internet station like Smooth Jazz 905 were financially squeezed out of the market by some major players.  Unfortunately the royalties that we paid for our station are no longer paid to the artists. Our internet station was among the most visited sites for smooth jazz. Thank you to all those listeners from around the world who supported the station.

We are pleased to now link this page to the Threestylejazz Radio show. Threestyle is a dynamic smooth jazz group, of Magdalena Chovancova from the Czech Republic on sax, her husband Robert Fertl from Bavaria on guitar and Magdalena's identical twin sister Gabriela on drums. It's a mix of great smooth jazz and interviews. Check it out today.

                                                                    Threestylejazz Radio Show

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